permanence in a river - Mischa Baka

Friday, December 14, 2018

permanence in a river

(Ella Dumaresq, Shari Cohen)

Ella and her friend Shari arrived. We were lucky enough to walk down the beach and find that a excavator had connected a trench from the Inlet to the Ocean. A great rush of water flowed into the waves. Ella and Shari navigated the water and we explored shapes and holding positions that contrasted against the fluidity of the moving water. A metaphor of trying to find permanence in the persistent flow of time perhaps? Or holding on to other people to find a sense of stability in the chaos. 

Ella Dumaresq, Shari Cohen

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Unknown said...

Curious that you titled this "permanence in a river" Mischa. I discovered traces of the river in my body the following day; the permanence of the river in me. A strange bodily feeling whirred in my legs when I woke the day after yesterday - I could still feel the rush of the water against my flesh and the sensation of my body pressing against the current. It reminded me of the time I went snowboarding for a few days, and then jumped in the car to drive back to Germany. I could still feel the movements of the snowboard and the slopes in my body, in the car. The feeling dissolved after some hours of driving and I become a normal body in a car again. Also the permanence of the river in my legs faded. Memory is motion? Yesterday is permanent? Bodies and weather and elements are porous?