Reflections from Rebekah on Rehearsal - Mischa Baka

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Reflections from Rebekah on Rehearsal

Reflections from Rebekah on Rehearsal

Focused on blocking

Discovered a beautiful way to drop the audience into the beginning of the show; being present around the artwork and breathing.   

The individual has something to say, the community has something to say. 

A frozen tableaux where the voices resonate in each other because of proximity.

Self consciousness dropped away when in a cluster. 

Self conciseness arose more when individuals were alone. 

Provocations within the architecture of the building. Moving up the stairs with a feeling of tenderness. Move to the wall with a feeling of mystery. Consider where you are and where you are going. Each provocation presented stories and helped the dancers to drop in easily.  

The cast noticed that it’s easy to drop into something when surprised. 

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