Dance Choir - Rebekah 1st Rehearsal - Mischa Baka

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Dance Choir - Rebekah 1st Rehearsal

Rebekah 1st Rehearsal with Candice Polglase, Dale Polglase, Ben Jamieson, Ella Baxter, Stacey Lake, Sarah Hotchin, Sophie Thompson. 

The song and dance Rebekah shared with me yesterday was today shared with the group. The feeling of the song could be seen in each person as they let it flow over them. Dale said it was like having a long ago memory that was both beautiful and sad, but not bad, and not necessary a memory of his own.

The group singing was powerful. I think Rebekah is really onto something with this combination of dance and choir, I cant wait to see the idea expand and be played with in future workshops. I think the group were similarly excited.

Dale, Ben and Ella
In a presentational formation on seats Rebekah also had the group enact a series of directions one after the other( written down for each person). This sets up a complex web of inter-relatedness as cross contamination of mood, feeling and action ripples through the group. 

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